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Shandong Tianxin Chemical Co.,LTD

Arian Rose is an agency of Shandong Tianxin Company in Iran,Iraq,Kurdistan and distributor of their products in Middle East countries

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Goals of Arian Rose

 Arian Rose has a decade of experience in different countries including Iran,Spain,China,United Arab Emirates,India,Jordan and Kurdistan.We import and export minerals(metal and non-metals),Chemicals,Oil derivatives,equipments relating to oil and gas industry,aliminium alloys,heavy equipments,industrial raw materials,petrochemicals,medical equipments.We also offer consulting services

An important goal of this company is to shorten the time between the customer's order and receiving of the products and services

Arian Rose has other goals such as financial services and L/C

Among other services of this company ,we can arrange shipping for your commodities from origin to destination.This process has our full management from beginning to the end




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