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Aviation Equipments

  • Aviation Oil & Greases
  • Aviation Tyres
  • Aviation Batteries
  • Avionics
  • Aviation Survival Equipment
Financial Services

Drilling Fluids


  •    Oil & Gas Services and Supplies
  •    Aluminium alloys 
  •    Heavy Equipments
  •    Industrial Row Materials
  •    Chemical & Petrochemical
  •    Medical Equipments
  •    Cargo & Shippment
  •    Import & Export
  •    L/C Solution
  •    Financial Services

About us

Arian Rose Trading Company is a trading company whose purpose is the import and export of Chemicals and Equipments related to Oil and Gas services and supplies ,Aluminium  Alloys ,Heavy Equipments ,Industrial Raw Materials ,Chemicals and Petrochemicals ,Medical Equipments ,etc

.Arian Rose also follows other purposes such as financial services and L/C

Among the other services of this company we can name Shipping. By shipment Arian Rose transports goods from origin to destination ,it does all services of foreign trade and it manages the complete logistic chain

We can add Spain properties to Arian Rose services ,due to this fact Arian Rose has the ability of getting you a visa ,resident and finding a fantastic house as you wish

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Kish free zone

Registration Unit

Kish free zone

Tehran Branch

No# 1835,Beside Parsian Bank,Next to Pole Roomi , Shariati Avenue , Tehran , Iran

Tel:               +98 21-22686167-8

Fax:              +98 21-22391428

Commercial:0098 912 366 7687

Central Branch

Office No #32 , No#BO84 , Andishe Boulevard ,Sanaii Avenue , Kish Island
Tel :             +98 764-4423352-3 

Fax:             +98 764-4420789

Mobile :  +98 934 7694922



Spain Branch

C/GIRASOLES 8 , Office 111 , 29630 Benalmadena Costa Malaga , spain

Tel / Fax :       +34 952 592 146

Mobile :         0034 666 100 727



 Skype:  arian.rose.td



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